mentoring young women in construction


Many young girls are unaware that a career in construction can be extremely fun and financially rewarding.  The first camp of its kind in the state of Pennsylvania was held by NAWIC Philadelphia during spring break in 2009.   MyWIC  is designed to give girls real hands-on experience to gain better knowledge of the industry.  Girls experience the exhilaration of successfully performing tasks that promote leadership and team-building skills, as well as build self-confidence, self-esteem, and boost their overall self image.  

MyWIC is a free, construction industry, day camp for 7th through 12th grade girls in the Philadelphia region.   MyWIC is sponsored by the  NAWIC Philadelphia Foundation, a 501(C)3 non-profit organization, and various organizations throughout the Philadelphia region.

The NAWIC Philadelphia Chapter hosted it's first camp in 2009 and has continued to gain tremendous support and popularity since then.

During the 2021 camp, the girls created a magazine detailing what they learned.  Take  look at their thoughts on everything they experienced during the camp.  


Camp objectives 

      • Introduce young girls to women role models including: tradeswomen,  engineers, architects, project managers, superintendents, lawyers, business owners, and administrative support.
      • Provide a supportive and nurturing environment for girls to explore and develop basic skills in carpentry, electrical, fire sprinkler, painting, taping, glazing, and laboring.
      • Offer girls a gender neutral environment to learn and practice new skills without fear of being teased or isolated.
      • Develops a Safety First attitude and a "We Can Do It" mindset.
      • Introduces girls to apprenticeship programs and scholarship opportunities



Top 5 Reasons to Join US at camp

    1. Make new friends: Meet other young women who share your interest in exploring new career opportunities.
    2. Explore jobs in construction:  Learn about great paying construction careers and ad an important experience to your resume.
    3. Get cool swag: We provide awesome tools, cloths, boots and food. 
    4. Make stuff: Get hand-on experience with a variety of tools and building equipment.
    5. Make a difference in your life: You will have an amazing time learning, and becoming part of a community of builders and makers.


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